Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 13 - April 18, 2010 - Krakow

What a momentous day! We are here, in the city that the world watched today, during the somber occasion of President Lech Kaczynski's funeral mass. The funeral, held live on TV from St. Mary's Cathedral, where we viewed the beautiful, elaborate altar on Friday, brought 1.5 million citizens to Krakow today.

After our morning buffet breakfast at the hotel, our students divided into their testimony groups. Each group interviewed a different Holocaust survivor when in Olomouc last week. This morning, student groups worked on three different computers at the hotel, and typed the testimony of their survivors.

After nearly three hours of work, we took the students to the nearby park for a picnic of sandwiches made in the hotel (since all businesses in Krakow are closed until after the funeral) and warm bagels we bought from a street vendor. While eating, we watched as many Polish citizens walked up the hill toward the square and St. Mary's Cathedral. We were right by a police barricade, and watched as a military parade marched by, along with two military tanks, and police escorted VIPS.

We went back to the hotel to watch the funeral mass on TV in the hotel lobby. Mrs. Bauman, James, Kayla, Victoria and Matt Bachmann went for a very brisk walk around the outskirts of the square just as the funeral mass let out. They passed many priests, nuns, Poles in traditional costume, and people carrying flags as they walked the streets back to the hotel. The entire group walked to the square tonight, passing St. Mary's Cathedral on our way to dinner. We stepped over the trampled tulips, daffodils and other flowers that were strewn in remembrance as the funeral procession passed earlier in the afternoon. After a dinner of Mexican food (yes, even in Krakow) and traditional Polish food, the group enjoyed ice cream cones together on the square as the moon shone above the buildings on Krakow square.


  1. Yet another amazing day. Thank you so much for having this blog and letting us follow what you are doing. The pictures and descriptions of the trip and what the students have been seeing and doing are so wonderful. So many different emotions. Keep safe and we of course wait for your return home.

  2. Guys...Mr. P here. It's first period Monday Morning and you're all on our minds. Hope you're enjoying the extra time. Hope the sights are worth it. Tim, our whole class misses you (well everyone except Sayat and Dylan because he's not here yet). The Foo Man is going to donate his website to see you all back safely. Dan Smith says this is a wonderful idea. He wants to know if they play real hockey in Poland. Pec still won't keep his mouth shut, but we pretend to put up with him. Tennis team is still undefeated. As for Baseball and softball, don't ask. The lone Wisconsin Cheesehead says hi (yes that's Emily). Jordan got a great haircut and can't wait for you all to see it. Atte hasn't been sick for a couple months and yes we're just rambling so again, here's to a safe home. Love your first period graphic arts class!

  3. hey guys! looks like your making the best of a not so great situation. hope you guys get to come home soon. have fun!

  4. Hey Guys, It's Mr. P and 3rd period. Ben won't shut up, Carolyn and Katie say hi to Becca (they need you back at the Bagel Factory). Carolyn also misses Matt Bachmann. Mr. Chang, we all want you back. Mrs, T., we all miss you! Mrs. T., Ben wants to know if it's too late to go on the D.C. trip???? Wait...Snookie is here! Mike laughs...Ashley doesn't care!!! DANNY IS ON EMAIL...wait, Vinci has a Fire Call...Drew is still playing guitar (and not attending class)...Erin, Krystle says hi...Be good and a safe home.

  5. Guys. Just made a generic account for the school. Checking to see that it works.

  6. It sounds like the extra days you are there are giving you the chance to do some sightseeing in areas that are even NEW to "T"! Who'd a thought??? But that also you are taking the time to get some important work done. Some important reflecting and thinking back on life back here is probably going on too.You are all missed so much. Erin you are once again still "inviz"-able here at G&T! We can't wait to "see" you again! Take care all and keep the blogging going! It lets us see and hear you which is what we want most of all!

  7. I am going to claim here that it is not fair that you guys get to spend a couple of extra days in Poland and that all other students that have been on the trip should be compensated for a free trip to Krakow to make sure everyone is treated equally.... Mrs. T, I expect some plane tickets in the mail upon your return to the states

    -Charlie Sullivan

  8. I am so jealous of you guys! Not only are you missing school, but you are learning all about WWII from people who were actually there! I think that it's amazing that all of you have to opportunity so see the historic artifacts and are witnessing President Lech Kaczinsk's funeral! It just goes to show you that history is made everyday! - Carolyn Carmosino

  9. Wow..... Exciting to be there at such a sad yet historic time! This blog is great and its so fun to be able to see what you guys have been doing these past weeks. I hope you have a safe trip home!

  10. It is a great opportunity for all of you to have extra time to learn more about the Holocaust. You are probably happy to be away from school too. Take advantage of the extra time, and use your time wisely.

  11. Take these extra days you have to learn something new. You all have been given a remarkable opportunity to witness historical events first-hand and to speak with some of the few remaining Holocaust survivors. Enjoy the time you have there. Have fun with it!!--Taylor Rietz

  12. take these extra days to have some fun n learn something you guys are lucky to miss school its so boring stay safe and have a good trip home

  13. jeeze it seems like you guys are having alot of fun, ecspecially that fact that you have to stay there even longer because of the volcano eruption. Though it seems like you guys are alright and doing good, we all hope you come back safe

  14. Poland is probably the greatest place to be stuck in. It seems that you guys are making the most of it. Cant wait to hear details on the whole trip when everyone gets back. Have a safe flight home

  15. Becca - get back to the Bagel Factory! You weren't there to make my breakfast on Sunday - I could have starved! Have fun guys - you're on the trip of a lifetime. Wish I could have been there with you to see the big state funeral. That really must have been something. Tell Matt he didn't miss anything with the METS - they still stink! Hi Mrs. T.

    Pat Maggi

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